Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sports Competitions at Walt Disney World

WDW is home to a huge sports complex, called ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. I was lucky enough to play in a field hockey tournament there, this past February (see photo below). WWS has many fields, stages, and more and hosts tons of sports competitions throughout the year. The facility is beautiful and playing here is a great experience.
WWS is on the WDW property and on-site hotel buses can take you there, but when I went we stayed off-site and parked the rental car there for the day. The complex is huge but you would only go to the field(s) pertaining to your sport. Many places to buy food are located throughout the place.
Spectators must pay a fee to watch their athlete play. But athletes receive discounted Disney theme park tickets, so I strongly recommend visiting at least one park while you are there.
A common question is will I have time to visit a Disney park while at a WWS competition?
Yes you probably will. When I played, even with my many games, I had time to spend a few hours at a park three out of four days.
If you are serious about the sport you play, many college coaches go to the Disney tournaments. Athletes get to play teams from all over the country, and may even win a medal!


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