Sunday, April 26, 2015

CityWalk vs. Downtown Disney

Either after park hours, or during the day, CityWalk and Downtown Disney are very popular. CityWalk is on Universal Orlando's property, and Downtown Disney is in WDW. Both places have restaurants, gift shops, and more. Both places do not require a ticket for entrance.

Downtown Disney:
This area is much larger than CityWalk. You have many more places to choose from if you want to eat. DD features many quick service and sit down restaurants. There are also more than 35 places to shop. But, it is not within walking distance of any of the theme parks, so it is not as convenient. If you are here, you might as well stay for a while as opposed to a quick stop-by.
Located right next to both theme parks, CW is easily accessible anytime of the day. This area also has many restaurants, and places to shop. CW is advertised more towards adults because it has many bars and nightclubs.



It is hard to decide which theme park "extra area" is better. DD is much larger and has more options for shopping, eating, and entertainment, but, CW is more convenient located and is perfect for a quick visit to shop or dine. Both areas compliment their theme parks nicely.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Transportation in Walt Disney World

You probably took a plane to Florida, a cab to the hotel, and walked to your room. All of this transportation, without even arriving at the theme park!
Many options exist in Walt Disney World for travel to the parks.

Check out this helpful map! It is a little hard to read, sorry.

1. If you stay off-site, or live near WDW, you should drive to the park of your choice.
The parking is $20 and usually crowded. I have only driven to Magic Kingdom but it takes a while.

You must park, take a tram to the transportation center, then take a ferry or monorail to the entrance of MK. I personally love the monorail because it is quick and has a nice view. Remember, leave early in the morning to get to the park when it opens and take into account the travel time.

2. On-site hotels also offer a bus or ferry directly to each park entrance. This is definitely easier and more convenient, but is only available for Disney hotel guests.

Friday, April 17, 2015

What to Wear to a Theme Park

When choosing an outfit/what to pack for a theme park, you must remember that you will be active for a good part of the day. Universal and Disney require plenty of walking to get around the park.

First you should pack a backpack or purse. My mom usually carries one for my whole family. You will need to hold your park passes if each person does not have a lanyard.

Personally, I like to wear a t-shirt, athletic shorts, and sneakers to a day at a theme park.
Sneakers are a necessity if you plan to walk around to all the rides!

Another option is a little more formal but still comfortable. Jeans shorts and a nicer shirt is also a good option, as long as it is comfortable for you.
I do not own this shirt/sweatshirt but I honestly love it!

Pack a backpack to hold your stuff.
Dress comfortably.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Water Rides at Universal Orlando

After being in the sun all day if it always fun to cool off. Universal Orlando, specifically Islands of Adventure, is home to three great water rides. But not everyone is happy to get completely soaked, so it is important to learn about these three rides before you go.
Note: Wear ponchos if you want to enjoy the rides, without being very wet!

  • Jurassic Park River Adventure - Jurassic Park
For any fan of Steven Spielberg's hit movie, this is a must-do ride.
You will definitely be wet, but not completely drenched.
The first half of the ride is a calm boat ride through Jurassic Park. Then you take a wrong turn and begin to ascend, where you see dinosaurs invading the area.
The ride finishes with an 85 foot plunge and a big splash! Lots of fun for the whole family, if they don't mind a big (quick) drop!

  • Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges
I honestly have no idea what "bilge-rat" means, but the ride is really fun! Passengers sit on a circular raft and float down a path of rapids. There is no drop, but you will spin around.
Everyone will be completely soaked! I advise only riding if you don't mind staying wet for a hour after the ride is over.

  • Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls
This a basically a classic log flume ride, and also very similar to Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom. The ride is calm and has two small drop before the 75 foot final drop. The plot is not interesting for me because I am not at all familiar with Dudley Do-Right.
You will not be soaked but still sort of wet, about the same as Jurassic Park.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In Depth About Haunted Mansion

All you ever needed to know about Disney's friendliest ghosts, right here!
First, despite its name, Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion is not very frightening. You will see some ghosts and hear funny noises but nothing jumps out at you in a scary way. It is located in Liberty Square.

Kids through adults love this classic ride. It had been open in WDW since 1971!
As you enter the queue, you will see, obviously, a large mansion. Although it seems normal, 999 happy haunts lurk inside!!! The queue has some fun interactive elements.

Your ghost hosts leads you to the portrait chamber where the paintings seem quite odd, and appear to be stretching! You then enter the ride vehicle, aka the Doombuggy, which holds 2-3 mortals.
The ride then proceeds through a tour of a spooky mansion filled with funny characters and happy haunts. It is a nice and long ride so it is definitely worth the usually long wait. FastPass+ is available. I won't give away the whole ride but you will visit many rooms and possible find a hitching hiking ghost!

Haunted Mansion is always an enjoyable ride for the whole family. Enjoy!

Visit its gift shop, Memento Mori, after you survive the mansion tour.

Bonus: Buy the Clue game!


Sunday, April 5, 2015


Theme Park Teen is now on Etsy!
I will be selling handmade crafts and accessories. Some items are Disney or Universal themed, but others items are not.

Many of the items that I am selling are available to be customized so you can purchase something that you love! I spend time and effort on everything I made so it is sure to be great quality.

Go check out ThemeParkTeen on Etsy!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

FastPass+ or Express Pass?

Both Disney and Universal have their own ways of getting visitors to the front of the line faster. Disney's has incorporated FastPass+, while Universal supplies Express Passes. So which one is better?

Pros of FastPass+:
MagicBands and My Disney Experience app connect to each visitor's pass.
Available for every ride/attraction.
Available to book before vacation.

Cons of FastPass+:
Only useable once during the time allotted per ride.
Must use the app or kiosk to book each individual pass.
Many people book them before their vacation so their are not many available once you go if you have not already booked them.

Pros of Express Pass:
Comes with the purchase of a hotel room.
You can use it as many times as you want per ride at any time of day.

Cons of Express Pass:
Not available for every ride/attraction.
Very expensive if you stay off-site.

In conclusion...
I think Universal Express Pass is a better system.
Mostly because personally I don't like having a time where you need to go on that ride and you can't you a fast pass more than once during the time allotted.
For example, I had a FastPass+ for Tower of Terror at 2:10. I walked right on the ride at 2:15, but once I got off I had to wait in the regular line if I wanted to ride again. With an Express Pass I could have gone on TofT multiple times.