Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Roller Coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure!

On Sunday 5/17 I visited Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ! This was my second time visiting this fun theme park. I will describe all of SFGA's roller coasters and I have ridden all of them except Kingda Ka because it was closed both times I went.
(my photo)
Kingda Ka
456 ft tall and top speed of 128 mph and the ride is only 50 seconds long. 0 inversions. This coaster is the tallest in the world! And the fastest in North America. No wonder the wait times are hours long.

230 ft tall and 80 mph. 0 inversions. This is great ride because it is 3 minutes long and the lines go very fast! I timed the wait from the sixty minute sign to the ride and it took 15 minutes!

Batman: the Ride
105 ft and 50 mph. 1 min 40 sec. 5 inversions. This is a classic inverted coaster and is very similar to Dragon Challenge at Universal.

Green Lantern
154 ft and 63 mph. 2 min 30 sec. 5 inversions. This ride is unique because you are standing up the entire time!

146 ft and 61 mph. 3 minute 15 sec. 7 inversions. This ride is certainly crazy. But watch out for the balls of fire and no floor on the coaster.

El Toro
181 ft and 70 mph. 1 min 42 sec. 0 inversions. As wooden coasters go, this is a really fun one. The drop is long and steep, but the ride broke down when I went to SFGA.

Superman: Ultimate Flight
108 ft and 60 mph. 2 min 25 sec. 3 inversions. This is exactly like Manta at SeaWorld and it is a lot of fun. But it is noticeably slower than all other coasters at this park.

Overall, my favorite ride here is either Nitro, because of the height and short wait, or Bizarro, because of the inversions. All Six Flags theme parks are a lot of fun and I recommend visiting one close to your home for a day trip!

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  1. There used to be a wonderful theme park here in NJ called Palisades Amusement Park. It was wonderful but I never got the courage to ride one of their huge roller coasters! Look it up sometime.
    N. Hugenschmidt